2012 in review

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The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

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2012 in review

Storyboard vs Reality

Hi all

Today’s post is based on my recent experience with drawing storyboards. Although I am not a skilled and experienced filmmaker (not just yet, but give me some time) I already appreciate how a storyboard can help make a film. Storyboard is a useful tool for directors, camera operators, screenplay writers, lighting technicians and probably all the other members of the filming crew. But for me, personally, it is a tool best used to clarify ideas.

Creating good storyboards is an art form in its own right. I am not claiming to be an artist. I use storyboards in all my projects and learning to draw is, for me, a natural progression. As I am completely self taught I often find it hard to correctly represent the camera angles and movement. But that is not the biggest issue. Whenever I start a new filing project I first imagine it. Then I draw what I’ve imagined. And there lies the biggest issue. Video camera is not like our eyes and certainly nothing like our ‘minds’s eye‘. Before you point a camera at your object it is hard to predict, at least not until you are an experienced camera operator, how the scene will look like through the lenses.

Take a look at that picture

It is a part of Film Noir project I am making for the University of Salford.

And this is the shot. Different.

The character faces different direction. There is no wall behind him and not one, but many cars and light move in and out of the scene. The reason is simple. What I have imagined (some sort of a dark back alley, deserted, with a man standing in the shadow and a car waiting in the distance) could not be achieved at the time of filming. This location was a compromise but the outcome is much better than I expected.

And another storyboard scene:

Here the idea was to film in complete darkness only illuminating the silhouettes of the characters. The scenes shows the bad guy forcing the good guy to dig a grave. Originally the space was supposed to be ambiguous for the viewer. Darkness all around would  make a closed space look like large open desert. And I almost managed to pull it off. But not quite. Two shots, from two different shooting days prove that no matter how low is the light there are still space clues that ruin the impression on ambiguity.

Why am I writing about it you might wonder…well, I thought that some of the nubbies out there might be struggling with similar issues. So this is my advise: make storyboards, but don’t always stick to them 100%. Try different things, improvise. Compromise.

Another way to make the storyboards work better for you is to draw from real locations. Plan the film by including pictures of places you will be shooting at. Make the pictures at the exact angles you plan to place the cameras during filming. Some people might find it to be a much more rewarding working style. I do. Sometimes. But not every project is the same. Sometimes I do enjoy the surprise, the challenge and the mystery of trying to shoot whatever is in my head. Yes, you save time by scouting for locations first and drawing storyboards later. But where is the fun in doing that?

Keep filming.


Storyboard vs Reality

Branding with Motion Graphics

Venture into the world of branding using Motion Graphic Design. It is a new territory for me….

Art & Business of Motion


4seven (stylised as 47), Channel 4’s ambitious new channel, has launched. (Well, nearly two weeks ago already, but hey- work has been as busy as ever). The channel, previously codenamed “Project Shuffle”, broadcasts a repeat of shows from the previous day that have created a critical buzz in newspapers, chatter on social media through Twitter and Facebook, and reaction on the overnight log of comments kept by the broadcaster.

Channel 4 explains that it was created in response to its viewers saying that with so much choice they sometimes missed the best programmes, despite having PVRs and access to on-demand services. The launch package was developed by Channel 4’s marketing team and in-house agency 4creative working with ManvsMachine.

The on-screen identity uses a distinctive corner wrap concept across the package. This corner approach creates a visual signature style akin to the Channel4 coming together of the…

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Branding with Motion Graphics

Copyright protection- may the Internet be my witness

Hallo All.

I need your help!

Due to recent events I decided to publish my Final Year Proposal online ASAP and take all the readers of my blog to be my witnesses.

The events I have in mind are:

Simon Cowell’s DJ X-Factor

Recent law suit against Lime Pictures for copyrights to ‘The Only Way Is Essex’

I will not be writting a blog post about those events but let’s just say they’ve had a major influence on my decision. Please read my proposal and everything will become clear:

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Copyright protection- may the Internet be my witness

Internet Exhibitionism

Image Hi

I wrote this post a while ago but for weeks I couldn’t decide if I should actually publish something as personal as this. I edited it twice, deleted and started over again. Why all the fuss? Well, it was honest. It does make me feel vulnerable. Or at least it used to do. But not anymore. Why? Because I’ve fallen in love with the Internet!

As students we are required to create work to fulfil strict briefs and pass yet another module. The work is often of a good standard. But never perfect. After all we are still learning how to produce quality. But we are far away from being professional. Continue reading “Internet Exhibitionism”

Internet Exhibitionism


Several days ago I have had a rather unpleasant conversation with a colleague from work. He asked me to explain my reasons for buying an iPad instead of any of the other tablets with Android operating system. I could not find an answer that would not sound a bit pretentious. After all I bought an iPad because it is made by Apple. I bought it because it is THE iPad!!

For Microsoft lover, like him, this was not a reasonable answer. My colleague argued that iPad is overpriced, closed and restricted whereas Android is an open format. I bet he read it somewhere. Although I can agree with the price issue I cannot see how iPad might be restricted. Even the Flash compatibility is no longer an issue, there is an app for that! More and more developers choose to create apps on iOS instead of Android market. some of my favourite audio companies develop extensions for iOS devices, like the trusted Alesis– a world leader in recording technology. Take a look at their iO Dock. Or IK Multimedia with their iRig micCast. Not to mention their DJ Rig. I have made a good, logical choice by buing an iPad but the only answer I could give to my colleague was the proverbial: ‘If you don’t have an iPad then, well, you just don’t have an iPad’. He didn’t get it. The whole conversation made me uncomftable and my silly answer left me frustrated. So I decided to write this post as this is what I should have said to him:

If we assume that creativity is like any other muscle in our body, then iPad is the best portable gym ever invented. The only one in the world, actually. Continue reading “Creappivity”


Another treat from the lovely BBC

It is a strange coincidence that I have started this blog with a post about the BBC. This blog is a part of an assignment for one of the modules I study and now, as the module Advanced Multimedia is about to finish, I have been given another treat from the BBC. Our mobile films have been screened on a BBC’s own massive screen in the middle of Manchester. This is all courtesy of Hugh Garry . I could’t be there and missed all the fun but Paul (@Watersidestudio)recorded the whole thing so have a look at the video:

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Another treat from the lovely BBC