Branding with Motion Graphics

Venture into the world of branding using Motion Graphic Design. It is a new territory for me….

Art & Business of Motion


4seven (stylised as 47), Channel 4’s ambitious new channel, has launched. (Well, nearly two weeks ago already, but hey- work has been as busy as ever). The channel, previously codenamed “Project Shuffle”, broadcasts a repeat of shows from the previous day that have created a critical buzz in newspapers, chatter on social media through Twitter and Facebook, and reaction on the overnight log of comments kept by the broadcaster.

Channel 4 explains that it was created in response to its viewers saying that with so much choice they sometimes missed the best programmes, despite having PVRs and access to on-demand services. The launch package was developed by Channel 4’s marketing team and in-house agency 4creative working with ManvsMachine.

The on-screen identity uses a distinctive corner wrap concept across the package. This corner approach creates a visual signature style akin to the Channel4 coming together of the…

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Branding with Motion Graphics

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