Internet Exhibitionism

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I wrote this post a while ago but for weeks I couldn’t decide if I should actually publish something as personal as this. I edited it twice, deleted and started over again. Why all the fuss? Well, it was honest. It does make me feel vulnerable. Or at least it used to do. But not anymore. Why? Because I’ve fallen in love with the Internet!

As students we are required to create work to fulfil strict briefs and pass yet another module. The work is often of a good standard. But never perfect. After all we are still learning how to produce quality. But we are far away from being professional. And there lies the issue of creating so called ‘portfolio of work’. This should showcase our creativity and craftsmanship; persuade employers that we have skills and experience in our field. Obviously, the assignments are only just assignments. It is, and always will be, a bit of student work. Often not even semi-professional, often rushed to meet the deadline (yes, I know there are deadlines in real life too) and often the creative choices are dictated solely by equipment availability and level of skills all members of the group presented at the time. This creates problems with internet sharing. I, for one, never uploaded any of my old assignments. I couldn’t see a point. They weren’t professional enough. Suddenly something snapped in me. My whole attitude towards sharing, not only my work but the work of others too, has changed! Thank You Helen, for making me an Internet Exhibitionist! ImageTransferring to University of Salford was absolutely the best decision I could make. My path is clear. I don’t expect to get a job in the BBC any time soon and, like the rest of soon-to-be graduates I was anxious about unemployment. This is where Social Media comes into the picture. I might not have employment straight out of University, but I do have tools necessary to survive and keep on going. Impossible is nothing. The unbelievable stream of creativity, art, sound, music and knowledge, right under our fingertips!! Who is to say what is professional if people can now decide for themselves if they like/dislike anything they find online. The unstoppable flow of creativity is so infectious that my head swarms with new ideas! Impossible is nothing! University gives me tools to be able to express myself. Internet channels my interests, gives me inspiration and satisfaction when my work gets tumbs up! Uploading something personal almost feels like a form of confession, of sharing secrets with the whole wide world. It cleans the mind. They either like it or not. Moving on. Amazing.

Internet Exhibitionism

12 thoughts on “Internet Exhibitionism

  1. I always look forward to your posts, this one especially as it falls within the boundaries of self expression and what comes from it. I understand your initial concerns regarding your own work and if it falls under the guise of your own opinion of “professional quality”. You should be proud

  2. Of everything you have done and if people don’t like it then it is their loss, if you ask me, the powers that be “employers” sometimes have an over exaggerated impression of what they think is “professional” as they are holding all the keys in a manner of speaking and maybe that can and would destroy any form of creativity. I myself am proud of everything I do and to be honest don’t really care what people think.

    Stay true to your own beliefs and believe in your own ability to create the very things that flow from your imagination. What I am trying to say is simple, you and everyone else who strives to be noticed in this industry are the future and you will reap the rewards soon enough.


    Paul (sorry about the post in two halves I was typing it on my IPhone)

  3. I like your post. I can associate with the feeling that you are confessing something when you upload material up to the internet because it is forever associated with you. The act of uploading material shows that your proud of the work and want people to see it. I am afraid to say that I think that quality is of great importance and as a result I am very slow to upload any of my own half baked student work.
    Maybe my mind can be changed on this subject but from my own experience of the internet to stand out form the herd you need to produce good stuff.

    1. Thanks for the comment @eoinosullivan. I understand your point of view as it was also my view not so long ago. But the question remains: when, if ever, will we (students) make the leap into professionalism? If we judge ourselves too hard we might never be satisfied with the work we do and have nothing to show publicly for years to come. This way no one in the industry will ever know that we are out there, learning, practicing and getting better at what we do. Let other people judge your work as soon as possible. It makes a whole lot of difference.

      1. Where you draw the line is up to personal preference I would say. I am sure there are benefits to both approaches.
        I have produced some awful stuff that will never see the internet and I would be ashamed to have my name sullied by them. I personally draw the line of whether or not to upload something depending on what the answers are to these questions: Would I watch,listen,read this? Would I enjoy it? Is it technically impressive? If yes is the answer to any of them then it goes up.

        Have you revived much interest/constructive criticism from potential employers or other people on the internet on work that you would not have been happy uploading before these classes with Helen? What changed your mind about this topic?

    1. Thanks for the support @JDTWerk, it means a lot coming from you. I am excited to work with you on the projects we’ve got planned and it gives me even more confidence to know you agree with my point of view!

  4. @eoinosuullivan The question is hard to answer. I have worked in the ‘industry’ (I don’t like to call it that, though), but only as a boom op, recordist, trainee, sound technician (and for a little while as a sound engineer) My work, my skills and my general attitude has always been appreciated but there was never any need for creative flair! It was work skills, doing the job well that counted. (although I’d like to mention my creative sound design ended up in a commercially released film and that WAS student’s work). Now a whole new world opened up in front of me. Vision, Graphics, Animation! I can honestly say that without Advenced Multimedia I would never find the courage to upload sketches I did almost 11 years ago. Now I see people generally like them so I got back to drawing and I will be using my own artwork in Animated Graphics! It feels great! It is even better to know that no matter if some don’t like what I do others might! There is a whole web of people interested in art, music, sound, film and whatever takes you fancy. Just get it out there and you might find the potential employers are not necessarily your target audience.
    P.S. cool blog you’ve got there.

  5. Looking forward to working with you too; after attending the Manchester digital day it only reinforced my thinking ‘Do as much as possible and tell people about it’.

  6. Interesting conversation developing here, liking it. Readuibg through these blogs is often my treat to myself on a Sunday, nice work 🙂
    I would say that the publish everything approach is not necessarily about putting a portfolio out there. It can simply mean documenting your learning and development. Even the dodgy early attempts at something are milestones on the way. And publish everything does focus the mind on making everything absolutely as good as it can possibly be.

    1. Agreed. I know some people, who worked on one project for years, developing it, perfecting it in secret. Others, in the same time, would put all their work, finished or in progress, online. If an employer is checking your online profile Wouldn’t it make more sence to give the job to a person obviously busy with projects, one who shows some development?

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