Copyright protection- may the Internet be my witness

Hallo All.

I need your help!

Due to recent events I decided to publish my Final Year Proposal online ASAP and take all the readers of my blog to be my witnesses.

The events I have in mind are:

Simon Cowell’s DJ X-Factor

Recent law suit against Lime Pictures for copyrights to ‘The Only Way Is Essex’

I will not be writting a blog post about those events but let’s just say they’ve had a major influence on my decision. Please read my proposal and everything will become clear:

Brief description:
For my Final Year Project I have chosen to develop my original TV format. The show is called “Producers”, “The Producer”, or “Music Producer” (that is still to be decided taking into consideration copyright issues). I will produce up to 10 short video previews and a Trailer for the show and feed them to the Internet. The videos will make an impression that the show is actually being produced and those sneak peaks are from the first season of “The Music Producer”. I will also include several ‘behind the scenes’ videos, shot on mobile phones, making an impression that they are not entirely legal but have been leaked to the web by a crew member. The reason for doing it this way is to create interest, make a proverbial buzz around the idea for this TV series. The show would be aimed at urban youth, music producers and fans of new, emerging music scenes, like Dub Step or Grime, it is important to make the show credible, believable, fresh and in tune with the audiences tastes. I will design branding for the show, logo, motion graphics and idents.
I will also create a blog that would explain the whole project so that all interested people could find out what it actually is. The blog will contain the whole truth about the show.
Once the show exists online I will research ways of producing it as a TV series in real life. I will write the script in a format suitable for Television Production, copyright the Format (by publishing it or other method) and try to get professionals, investors, broadcasters, sponsors, producers and any one I can, interested in the project. I will pitch the project to TV executives, producers, programming directors (all depending on my research into pitching a TV show). The end goal is to have an original TV format that is ready for professional production, has got its own fan base and generates interest and following online.


So yes, I think you see now where my proplem lies. Publishing the script for this new format is the only protection I can have against any individual or production company that would like to introduce this idea as their own. I would never be able to afford the costs of a legal battle. Having my name associated with the show from the beginning is the only way I can benefit from my intellectual property. I invite you all to visit this blog next Sunday and read through the script I will be publishing. This show has a potential to kill off the DJ X Factor!


P.S. I am waiting for comments and please do let me know if you think publishing it at this stage might not be a good idea. I haven’t published the script yet for that very reason.



Copyright protection- may the Internet be my witness

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