Editing my skills in mobile filmmaking

This post is following from my last post on Mobile Films, or Pocket Cinema, like the emerging art is often called. Studying at Salford University means that I am constantly being pushed to explore new ideas. This time it is using an iPhone to tell a story and create an interesting idea. In the process I’ve learned a bit about the editing software, You Tube, Vimeo and other video hosting platforms. It is good practice and having no professional films available to play with I will learn editing using images produced on a mobile device. So there it goes; this is one of the mobile films I’ve made for this assignment:

The purpose of this video (at the time of filming) would be to promote the audio recording company I’ll be setting up after graduation- Guerilla Sound Lab. The sound I used to do this edit is not the live recording we did in the venue but it is just a rough mix. I initially wanted to swap it for the finished mix but the rough version seems to work with the specific quality of the image. I’ll, therefore, keep the video as it is, preserving the whole point of mobile filmmaking- the spontaneity, the roughness and shakiness of the image combined with a row, barely touched by Pro Tools and my mixing techniques, live music.

After I speak with the band Bob Dean and get their approval, I’ll write a post explaining exactly how the music has been mixed in the end, so watch THIS SPACE if you’re interested in the technicalities of the live multi-track recording in the venue.

Let’s get back to the subject of film editing and mobile videos. This is the second video I did for this assignment, enjoy:

This next film is the first time I’ve ever had a camera in my hand. Also the first time I’ve used Premiere Pro and the first script I’ve ever wrote. The main purpose of this exercise was to familiarize the Audio Production students with cameras, so no lighting, framing, white balance and other issues involved in filming were ever considered in this assignment.  I simply wasn’t aware of any of those. Music was composed by Ben Ludgate, enjoy:

Editing my skills in mobile filmmaking

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