English for sound people

This site is dedicated to aspiring Polish designers and sound producers who plan to work or study in the UK. I will be posting English words and phrases from the world of media production with a special importance given to audio and video terminology.

As I study in the UK I encounter interesting words on a daily basis so I will try to post one of them each day



Ta strona dedykowana jest aspirujacym designerom i dzwiekowcom planujacym prace w UK. Bede tu zamieszczac terminy i slowa ze swiata produkcji mediow z naciskiem na audio i video produkcje.

Studiujac w UK codziennie napotykam nowe interesujace terminy i postaram sie dodawac nowe frazy kazdego dnia.

Milego czytania.


Word of the day:

Aperture of the iris (video)

Aperture- szczelina, otwarcie, iris- przyslona,

Aperture of the iris can be altered to influence the depth of field. The depth of field increases with decreasing aperture of the iris. It means that the smaller the iris aperture the larger the depth of field (the distance you can focus the lens on) but at the same time less light goes through the iris.

Room tone (sound design)

Room tone- ton, dzwiek pomieszczenia

Room tone is the background noise on set or location of the film shoot. It is also called a ‘bed’ and might be used by sound producers to create atmosphere of a whole scene.,

Wild track(sound design)

doslownie ‘dzika sciezka’

Recording made on location that contains the atmosphere noise of the outside space. Also often used by sound designers to add continuity to the dialogs recorded on location.

3 thoughts on “English for sound people

  1. Thank You
    For many people (like myself) the technical knowledge is not a problem but putting it into English words and building nice professionally sounding sequences might be an issue.
    So there it is.



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