About Me / Resume


Recent Projects:

‘A night with Judah’- colourist for Greasy Savage Productions

‘Glasgow Rangers. The Blue Bear Rises’- offline editing for SDMC

‘Legal Highs’- online editing, colour grading, caption motion graphics, audio post- production for SDMC

‘Project X’- offline editing for SDMC

Appco Corporate Training Videos- editing and colour grading

Professional Experience:

Video Post-production and VFX Intern for SDMC Productions in Manchester


I am involved in several current projects at SDMC. My duties include editing, colour grading, motion graphics design and audio post-production.

Junior Videographer and Video Editor at PBSS in Malaga, Spain

Jan. 2014-May 2014

I filmed and edited cake decorating tutorials for online craft school.

Sound Recordist and Audio Post Producer for GSL in Liverpool


I provided location recording and post-production services to clients including The Vocal Booth, L20Productions, Keyhole Productions, Fresh Box TV and others.

Sound Operator for Inexcess Television in Liverpool


I worked as part of the team providing the best quality sound for broadcast, live sound recording and working with cameraman during interviews.


Voluntary Sound Technician for Chester Talking Newspaper in Chester


I worked as a volunteer Sound Operator for a charity organization, which provided audio versions of current newspapers for the visually impaired and elderly. I worked in a small studio and recorded and edited all the audio.


TVP S.A. (Television)- Sound Operator Work Placement in Krakow, Poland


I worked alongside professionals learning my craft through observation and practice. The work placement included shadowing the Local News crew on location and in the studio.

S-3 Production Studio (Poland)- Trainee Sound Engineer in Leg, Poland


S-3 Studios are the biggest production facility in Lesser Poland. During my time there I worked alongside professionals on production of many popular television shows, either live or pre-recorded for a variety of independent broadcasters.


BSc Honors in Professional Sound and Video Technology

University of Salford, Manchester
Foundation Degree in Music and Audio Production John Moore’s University/Liverpool City College 2008-2010

I participated in many video shoots and recording sessions, I worked in the studio and on location. I assisted in the post-production of feature film ’15 minutes that shook the world’. Part of my sound design has been used in the official release of this film. I gained knowledge of camera operation and video editing while producing my own short films. I’ve recorded sound for several corporate videos and other projects.


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