Why sound design?

Sound design for 15 minutes that shook the world


I would like to thank Alan Watson for making it possible. Eternal gratitude.

This is part of my original sound design to 15 minutes that shook the world’. Post production of this film took place in The Vocal Booth in Liverpool. The sound supervisor for this project was no one else but Alan Watson- director of The Vocal Booth and a tutor at Liverpool Community College (Audio Production). As a student of Alan’s I’ve been given a chance to create sound to a number of scenes from this film and many of my sounds ended up on the released soundtrack. This sequence of sound effects was to create an impression of ‘descending to hell’. The director’s brief mentioned also that it should be ‘wet, like in sewers’ . The ‘swashes’ you hear are representing fast camera movements and visual effects that accompany them.

P.S. I do apologise that I cannot use the video but I have no copyrights to it.

Why sound design?

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